Injection of special composition under pressure

Injection methods of repair and construction works are the latest developments in construction industry. Injection techniques "came" in the modern construction industry from mining heading and always remained a priority of the elite construction units.
This is due, above all, with expensive equipment imported and expensive high-tech building chemical compounds.


However, the economic effect of the injection repair techniques always exceeds the expectations of the customer.

StroyKomplekt Ltd throughout the period of his career actively developing injectable repair and construction.

The company has a whole spectrum of injection equipment for the injection of virtually the entire spectrum of modern materials such as hydro active, single and multi-component polyurethane resin, viscous fluids and poly acrylate gels, thick epoxy resin, micro-cement and colloidal silica for cement works, two-component resin silicate-based polyurea.


The company successfully working professionals with extensive experience in injection works. We pay attention not only to the presence of competent engineering staff, but continuous training of line personnel and operators mechanisms.

- Injection of specialized multi hydro active compositions under pressure to stop active leaks during an emergency repair waterproofing systems associated with the removal of soil in trenches, mines or reservoirs. Stabilization and soil stabilization fan-injection;

- Injection of hydro active trains stop at non-pressure leaks, both at the stage of construction, and has operated in the building or premises during scheduled maintenance.
Stop rising moisture;